How Treatments Work

There are many different ways of treating wrinkles and a number of factors are important in deciding how to treat lines and wrinkles;

– The depth of the line/wrinkle

– Its precise position on the face

– The thickness and quality of the skin to be treated.

how anti wrinkle treatments workIn principle lines/wrinkles can be reduced in four main ways;

1. By removing the surface of the skin, making lines appear shallower and encouraging new skin growth; for example facial scrubs, microdermabrasion, skin peels. These tend to improve finer lines as well as improving appearance of visible pores/uneven pigment and mild scarring, and being extremely helpful in the treatment of acne.

2. By encouraging surrounding cells to become more active and “plump up”; Mesotherapy/skin boosting, laser therapy and micro needling both work this way. These will work on slightly deeper lines, and may also treat visible pores/uneven pigment and mild scarring.

3. By directly filling the line/wrinkle using “Dermal Fillers” generally made from Hyaluronic acid (a natural product which we all have in our skin, eyes and joints). Fine medium to very deep lines and folds can be treated in this way, results are instant and dramatic.

4. By softening the wrinkling effect of the muscle beneath the skin using “Botox®” again fine to medium lines can be treated in this way and the “Botox®” can be used to create subtle changes to the shape of lips and a mini lift of the lower face all at the same time.

As you can see each of these methods of wrinkle reduction have there own advantages and disadvantages, and an experienced practitioner will b able to help you choose a treatment, which simultaneously addresses as many issues as possible, so that you get the maximum benefit from each treatment.

Some people advocate treating lines and wrinkles early, as when a deeper wrinkle is formed in the skin, the tiny capillaries supplying that area of skin get kinked and the blood supply is reduced. Prolonged reduction in blood supply to the base of the wrinkle results in the skin thinning and creasing more easily. Over time the wrinkle remains even when the face is relaxed. Gradually it will become deeper with the skin at the base of the line/wrinkle thinning and eventually a pink colour change occurs to the skin at the base of the wrinkle. If the line is treated at this stage the thin skin at the base of the wrinkle is lifted, in time the capillaries supply to the skin improves and the skin thickens up again, especially if a little “Filler” is administered to the skin, but it will take longer for the line to completely disappear.

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