How to Get Rid of Lines Around Mouth?

 How to Get Rid of Lines Around Mouth

Lines Around Mouth Treatment Essex





These are the little vertical lines that fan out from your lips, (especially when you pout), commonly called lipstick/smokers lines. These are relatively straight forward to treat, one of the simplest ways of improving the appearance of these and also subtly improving your pout at the same time is Botox®/anti wrinkle injections, the advantages of this is that it is quick with usually no “down time” and Dr Sophie will generally add this in to a full three area session at no extra charge. Putting Botox® in this area has the advantage of looking extremely natural as well as subtly plumping out the lip and maximizing and prolonging the effect of any filler which you may choose to have after.


If deeper lines need treating then it is probably better to use Dermal Filler/“Fillers”, this is a slightly more intense treatment and generally completely numb the area using injections/cream first. If you chose to have “Filler” in this area Dr Sophie will generally use the remaining product to enhance the shape of your lips and improve your pout as well as treat any other little areas at no extra charge.

What to expect from a visit to Dr Sophie:

– Your initial consultation is free, and you will be seen by Dr Sophie personally.

– When you arrive we will fill out any confidential paperwork.

– We will carefully discuss your main concerns and possible treatment options, along with a exact quote of the total cost of the treatment.

– The benefits and disadvantages of each treatment will be discussed fully.

– There is no obligation to have a treatment, you may wish to go away and think about it or you may wish to time the treatment in order to fit in with other events in your life.

– If you wish to go ahead with a treatment it might be possible to go ahead the same day.

Special notes for smokers/lipstick lines; when treating smokers/lipstick lines with Botox®/antiwrinkle injections the advantage of this is that it is quick with usually no “down time how ever when treating with “Filler” there can be a little bruising/puffiness, this will vary from patient to patient, it can be can be camouflaged with make up, but you may not look your best for a few days so it is important to plan this procedure around any important events you may have.