Square face/Refining the Jaw line

Jaw ReductionTreating Square Jawlines EssexThere are many things Dr Sophie can do for your jawline, and great results can be seen in just one treatment:

Treating Jowls – there are a number of ways your jowls can be lifted and your jaw line can be sharpened and this can be performed using Botox® or Dermal Fillers and the benefits of each will be discussed with you at your free consultation.

Treating Square Jawlines - Square faces generally look fantastically flattering on men, some women look great with them too, but if you would rather your Jawline was more of a “V” Shape than the bottom half of a square then there are many treatment options.

Not only can jawlines be made more feminine, but jowls can also be reduced too.

What to expect from a visit to Dr Sophie when treating your jaw line:

– Your initial consultation is free, and you will be seen by Dr Sophie personally.

– When you arrive we will fill out any confidential paperwork.

– We will carefully discuss your main concerns and treatment options, along with a exact quote of the total cost of the treatment.

– The benefits and disadvantages of treatment will be discussed fully.

– There is no obligation to have a treatment, you may wish to go away and think about it or you may wish to time the treatment in order to fit in with other events in your life.

– If you wish to go ahead with a treatment it might be possible to go ahead the same day.

Special notes for Botox®/Anti wrinkle injections; One of the simplest ways to enhance jawline is with Botox®/antiwrinkle injections, one of the great advantages of using Botox® is that there is virtually nothing to see on leaving the clinic, you can just go back to your routine and no one need know your secret. Although you should avoid strenuous exercise for around 4 hours afterwards or a massage within 24 hours after treatment.

Special notes for enhancing with Dermal Filler/Fillers. The Dermal Filler products used are purchased by the syringe and the whole of this syringe will need to be used in the same visit. Once this area is treated to your satisfaction, the remainder of unused Filler will be used elsewhere on your face, at no extra cost to you. Depending on exact treatment “down time” following treatment can vary and this will be explained carefully prior to treatment. You should be able to continue with your every day activities, although you should avoid strenuous exercise, extremes of temperature (eg sauna) or a massaging the area within 48 hours after treatment. You are therefore advised to have this treatment at least a week prior to a big occasion in order to ensure that you look your best.